Introducing the ATEM Group

During the gold rush of 1849, those who profited most sold picks and shovels. During the digital asset revolution, wise money is investing in pipes and wires (i.e. the systems the new economy is being built upon).

We are just getting started in the decade of disruption and 2023 is gearing up to be a game changer in the technology arena. Data and information are joining forces with money and value to bring about a gold rush in digital assets and a complete revolution in how we communicate and stay connected.

The .com boom was the last major societal disruption across all industries. It brought into existence a true internet of information and related products to most everyone’s fingertips and changed our way of life. Yet, at the time, did any of us really realize what was going on behind the scenes? Did any of us truly understand what would run on the infrastructure of this “internet” that was being built out? Probably not many.

The same caliber of change is happening at this very moment in history and most don’t even recognize it. It’s third iteration of the web, or commonly referred to as web3.

So, what is web3?

Well, a big part of it is digital ownership. In layman’s terms, we all own things in the real world. Think watches, clothes, jewelry, accessories, cars, houses, etc. But in the digital world? We own practically nothing.

In the digital world, where we all spend many hours per day. As our digital presence becomes ever more important, owning items digitally also really begins to matter. That’s where web3 and NFTs come into play, leveraging distributed ledger technologies.

In a world where we think about the internet enabling real time, instant information, why can’t we use these new technologies to build an internet of value? To transition ownership and distribute power to the people, vs. being centralized within a handful of large corporations that don’t have our best interests in mind. Well, for the first time in history we can and that’s what we’re building towards leveraging distributed ledger and blockchain technology.

Web3 is about creating a better internet and realizing the opportunities that come from challenging the norm. Like monetization across industries and true ownership of data and identity to name a few.

All of that being said, we are excited to publicly announce the launch of the ATEM Group. Founded in 2022 and built out in stealth until now, the ATEM Group was born after these realizations and is guided by the belief that the next generation of the internet will transform users into owners, and help usher in a more level playing field for the world.

The ATEM Group is a cutting-edge technology firm that helps companies of all sizes understand and leverage the potential of web3. We work with founders, executives and creators with bold ideas across industries and geographies, at every stage from inception to IPO and beyond.

At the ATEM Group, we provide intelligent technology solutions for the digital renaissance. Our dedication is to developing and implementing innovative and disruptive technologies, including distributed ledger/blockchain to improve the efficiency, transparency, and innovation of businesses and organizations.

We build next-generation propositions for disruptors across every industry:

-Existing firms looking to innovate
-Start-ups looking to scale
-Everything in between

The name ATEM is based on its meaning “the act of completion.” Our mission is to guide clients and help bridge the chasm as we enter the fourth industrial revolution, with web3 at its center. We believe that with the right approach, intent and technology, we can collectively solve some of the world’s greatest challenges.

The ATEM Group has assembled a team of experts in their crafts, with diverse backgrounds and capabilities that bring to bear A-list talent and industry relationships. We have also organized an extensive strategic partnership ecosystem of leading firms that range across the following disciplines: cybersecurity, development, data analytics, ML/AI, core DLT infrastructure and protocols, metaverse, venture capital and grant foundations. These relationships provide an end-to-end business model for all ATEM Group clients and portfolio companies.

An important aspect of the ATEM ecosystem is ATEM Labs, which serves as our technology incubator. At ATEM Labs, we advise, originate, incubate, and invest in technologies and businesses within the emerging technologies sector. We help develop products and services that build trust in transactions and increase efficiencies in the world we live in. The mission of ATEM Labs is to build the technologies of tomorrow that solve hard problems and change the world for the better. We believe disruptive technology, combined with our knowledge, network and capital is the medium to do just that. 

We already have two ATEM Labs portfolio companies, one of which will launch this year.

We are entering an era of continuous disruption that we like to call the digital renaissance, which is being catalyzed by the power of digital assets and interoperability. We recognize our partners’ and customers’ existential need to utilize technology to generate competitive advantage. Everyone else will find themselves in a perpetual game of catchup.

Our conviction guides the way. We are committed to building a purposeful and responsible company that makes a positive contribution to the world we live in.

So where do we go from here? Well, just as in the early days of the internet, there was a pressing need to help creators, founders and executives cross the chasm. How to adopt this revolutionary technology, build new strategic business models on top of it, and poise existing firms for growth who were looking to innovate. History repeats itself and we are seeing a similar disconnect that we feel compelled to help solve.

Over the next 12 months, we will see increased collaboration between traditional financial institutions and crypto companies. We should all expect a renewed focus on real-world applications and tangible business outcomes, all of which will lead to even greater growth in this industry.

The key to longevity in web3 and the application areas of tokenization will be creating a user experience for mainstream consumers and retailers alike. Of paramount importance, the infrastructure must support consumer and creator demand.

We look forward to what the year ahead will hold and will be guiding our clients, partners, and portfolio companies towards how to best maximize the power of this transformative technology.

Here’s to the roaring twenties,

-The ATEM Group