What we do


We incubate and accelerate businesses operating within the emerging technologies sector. We build products and services that drive awareness and adoption of revolutionary technologies within large growth industries.

We offer guidance and support in product development, fundraising, and scaling. Startups we work with can take advantage of the expertise, resources and connections of our ecosystem to bring their vision to market faster and more effectively.

Advisory & Strategic Partnerships

We work with innovators to build meaningful collaborations. Our team combines a proven track record and deep expertise in traditional web2 ventures and related technologies, while also looking forward with conviction.

We're uniquely positioned to help venture builders escape the trappings of legacy systems, create new business models and develop next-generation technology.

These capabilities include market research, competitive analysis, business model innovation, technology road-mapping, and guidance in strategy development and execution.

Data Engineering, Analytics, ML & AI

We meet our clients where they are in their business evolution, automatically connecting with and enhancing their existing data systems. We also engineer from the ground up, helping clients develop, construct, test and maintain architectures such as data warehouses and data lakes.

Additionally, we specialize in implementing cutting-edge machine learning and AI techniques that set our clients apart from their competition.

Web3 domain expertise as a service

We provide support and expertise in the use of decentralized technologies and help clients cross the chasm. Our team of experts helps clients understand the potential applications and implications of these technologies, and provides guidance on how to effectively implement them.

Whether an organization is looking to get started with web3 technologies or are already using them and looking to improve existing solutions, we help clients realize the full potential of these powerful technologies.

Architecture & Design

Our design process is a comprehensive service offered by our team and strategic partner ecosystem. We conduct a thorough analysis of current systems and processes, which enables us to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for innovation.

We develop custom strategies which include the appropriate technologies and protocols to support our clients' goals, designing a scalable and flexible architecture to meet their needs now and in the future.

Interoperable development

We are interoperable to our core, and leverage open programming languages and infrastructure that ensure for compliant, scalable, eco-friendly and cost efficient solutions. An open garden awaits.

Our ecosystem has extensive experience in developing applications and systems that are able to operate across multiple blockchain networks. This "cross chain" capability allows for greater flexibility and functionality, as it enables different blockchain systems to communicate and exchange data with one another.

Smart Contracts Deployment & Automation

We help businesses deploy and automate the execution of smart contracts. This can include the creation, deployment and management of smart contracts, as well as the integration of existing systems and processes.

Our aim is to streamline and automate business operations, increase transparency and trust, and reduce the need for intermediaries.


Our advisory & partner ecosystem includes some of the top cybersecurity talents in the world. We help clients protect their assets and meet industry-specific regulations.

Our security capabilities include threat intelligence, penetration testing, incident response, vulnerability management, and compliance assessments to identify and mitigate potential threats, while improving security controls and processes.

Our collective approach to security enables collaboration and innovation instead of inhibiting them.

DeFi & Tokenization

We assist companies in utilizing the power of decentralized finance (DeFi) and tokenization to open new doors for growth and revenue generation, providing the means to create trustless financial instruments and services.

Tokenization empowers our clients to turn real-world assets into digital assets, which can be easily traded, stored, and utilized to access a diverse range of services, thus extending cutting-edge capabilities to their network.

We believe in the power of digital assets and AI.

We believe the next generation of the internet will transform users into owners.

We believe that with the right approach, intent, and technology, we can collectively solve the world’s greatest challenges.