web2 vs. web3

 Most people have a tough time wrapping their heads around what web3 means. In their defense, we’re still early on in the adoption of this next iteration of the web and technology as we know it. 

Here is a concise breakdown in layman’s terms:


web2 = centralized

web3 = decentralized


web2 = high % take-rates for platform

web3 = low % take-rates for platform





web2 = platform owns the data

web3 = you own the data, platform just provides a view into
the data



web2 = ███[REDACTED]███

web3 = censorship-resistant 


web2 = default closed source

web3 = default open source



web2 = closed interfaces

web3 = open, composable code




web2 = Login with Google / Facebook / Apple

web3 = Connect Wallet




web1 = Read

web2 = Read + Write

web3 = Read + Write + Own



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