EquiDeFi Partners with ATEM Group to Implement Revolutionary KYCT System

We are exciting to announce our new partnership with EquiDeFi (https://equidefi.com/), whose mission is to democratize and decentralize private placements, making them accessible to a wider range of investors beyond traditional institutions and insiders.

The EquiDeFi platform streamlines private offering processes for
issuers, while reducing barriers for accredited investors through an investor
dashboard that securely manages investment records. Furthermore, EquiDeFi
offers education tools for investors and connects them to various services,
making private placements more accessible and straightforward.

Together, we’re introducing an innovative Know Your Customer Token
(KYCT) system, enhancing private investing through blockchain and tokenization.

The KYCT will streamline investor onboarding, improve compliance, and
offer a seamless experience for issuers and investors.

Our joint initiative aims not only to expand investor reach in the
realm of private placements, but also to establish and uphold best practices
for KYC, AML, and securities workflows in the digital era.

Incorporating KYC as a standard procedure within EquiDeFi’s onboarding
process will ensure for alignment with legal and regulatory prerequisites,
safeguard businesses against financial crimes, and preserve the integrity of
the financial ecosystem.


Join us on this journey of innovation and accessibility.


Learn more: https://kyct.io/