ATEM Group & Storj Forge Partnership

We are excited to announce our strategic partnership with Storj, a trailblazer in decentralized storage solutions. This collaboration reflects our shared commitment to fostering tech innovation, nurturing emerging technologies, and ushering them into the market. 

Storj leads the way, providing exceptionally robust cloud object storage with unparalleled speed and top-tier security. Through our collaboration with Storj, our clients and portfolio companies can now leverage the capabilities of worldwide storage on a decentralized network, guaranteeing superior security, privacy, and resilience for their data.

At ATEM Group, we understand the importance of future-proofing solutions, and Storj’s technology aligns perfectly with our vision, enabling organizations to store their data not just anywhere, but everywhere. 

By leveraging Storj’s large, globally distributed network, organizations can enjoy unparalleled security, privacy, and CDN-like performance. This strategic move is in direct response to the seismic shifts brought on by AI, IoT, Global Work, and Edge Computing, making decentralized storage a prime-time solution for businesses worldwide.

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, storage solutions must meet stringent criteria: high availability, top-notch performance, resilience, security, cost efficiency, and environmental sustainability. Storj checks all these boxes and more. They offer significantly lower costs, slower rates of cost growth, and improved performance, making it the ideal choice for various use cases across industries.

One of the hallmarks of a seismic technology shift is that the new model dramatically lowers costs. Not only instantaneous costs, but the slope of the cost curve is such that as prices of legacy storage increases, Storj’s storage costs increase at a drastically lower rate. This leads to “the more you store, the more you save” in real dollars. This pay-as-you-use model ensures cost efficiency for clients with variable storage needs. 

Additionally, Storj’s open-source approach fosters transparency and collaboration, while promoting a more eco-friendly approach to storage by utilizing existing hardware and reducing the need for massive data centers which can have a substantial environmental footprint. 

By utilizing blockchain technology, Storj enhances security and integrity of stored data. With over 22,000 storage locations, Storj excels in AI, IoT and Edge Computing, providing increased availability, speed, and user-controlled security through encryption and blockchain integration.

Take AI Large Language Models (LLMs) for example: As client demand for GPUs skyrockets to support application workloads against these large data sets, the price of GPUs rises and the overall cost of operating your own LLM or of renting public LLMs will increase dramatically. The way to offset this is to leverage the vast network of already existing capacity across the globe available to Storj. 

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